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Children's Arts Development Fund

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The Children's Arts Development Fund was established in 2007.





  1. We strategically cultivate young children's interest and appreciation in art. We promote their artistic quality, enhance their creativity, imagination, analytical skills, as well as their organisation and communication skills. At the same time, we enrich the artistic life of young children through activities sponsored by the Fund.
  2. We first try out the early childhood art education model at our schools. We then analyse its sustainable effectiveness and set up a model for reference and application by educators and artists.
  3. We encourage children in disadvantaged families to receive art education and promote the popularisation of children's art education.
  4. We arouse the concern and recognition of parents, teachers and members of the public to children's art education and win the support of the community for children's art education.



  1. Organise the Children's Creative Arts Exhibition for our nursery school children every year to promote public's attention and recognition of children's arts education.
  2. Continue to develop and optimise art courses at our nursery schools and publish the information in books to share with peers
  3. Establish the interest and habit of families with young children to appreciate the arts during leisure time and support the disadvantaged groups to cultivate their children's interest in appreciating art events.
  4. Expand nursery school teachers' awareness in the arts and promote their participation in local and overseas art tours and workshops for exchange activities.



In addition to paying attention to the regular learning of young children, our nursery schools also focus on inspiring the enthusiasm and sentiment of young children's creativity and art appreciation. Children are prompted to use different art media to reflect what they think and see, hear and learn freely, presenting their creative thoughts in an effective artistic language.

Early Childhood Education Service strongly advocates Children Arts Education. In 2002, we conducted a research on the subject and published "Initial Exploration into Research on Hong Kong Children Arts Nurture". In 2003, we organised the first "Children's Creative Arts Exhibition" and created the precedent for social service organisations to hold early childhood art exhibitions. Those children artwork were highly appreciated and affirmed by members of the public. As a result, children's enthusiasm and motivation for art creation and appreciation were being enhanced. With the consent of their parents, the children's artwork at that exhibition were used for a charity sale. They were all bought by people who strongly supported the development of children's art. As a result, a sum of money had been raised to enable the establishment of the Children's Arts Development Fund for our Department. In order to continue to promote public awareness of the artistic potential of children and nurture the creativity and communication skills of children, the Department decided to hold exhibitions for young children every year and allocate all proceeds from the charity sales to the Fund after deducting the necessary expenses. The Fund is used to support the sustainable development of children's art.



Target Service Recipients

Students, parents and kindergarten teachers of our nursery schools.