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Walk with Love: Clinical Psychological Service for Children and Families

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The Project aims at providing quality clinical psychological service for children and young people and their families. It provides evidence-based psychological assessment and psychotherapy to promote clients' mental health for fostering their all-rounded well-being. It also provides professional training and consultation for raising societal awareness towards mental health and parenting education.


What is clinical psychological service?

The clinical psychologists of the Project provide psychological assessment and intervention tailored to the client's needs and conditions, based on psychological theories, research evidence, and clinical judgment. If warranted, clinical psychologists will formulate a treatment plan collaboratively with the children and their families.


Why do children, young people, and their families need clinical psychological service?

Childhood and adolescence are critical stages of development, at which children and young people undergo enormous changes and challenges in physical, social, and psychological aspects. Some may succeed in going through these challenges, while some struggle.


Meanwhile, parenting can be joyful and at the same time challenging, especially for those who care for children and young people with socio-emotional difficulties.


Clinical psychologists will support those who are struggling to acquire adaptive socio-emotional skills and improve their communication with their parents. With the help, children will be empowered to overcome life challenges and manage their distress, hence a healthier family relationship will be built.



Promoting psychological well-being and resilience

Helping children and young people to be aware of and express their feelings appropriately, for example, anxiety, fear, grief, helplessness, and anger.


Strengthening parent-child relationship

Facilitating effective communication between children and their parents and resolving their misunderstanding and conflicts. Increasing mutual understanding and supporting the development of a healthy parent-child relationship.


Overcoming life challenges

Equipping children and young people with effective skills to cope with different life challenges, for example, academic pressures, self-esteem issues, and interpersonal difficulties.


Supporting children with special educational needs

Providing assessment and giving relevant advice for different types of special education needs, including but not limited to attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder and specific learning difficulties.


Our major services

  1.  Psychological assessment (Click here for more detail)
  2.  Psychotherapy (Click here for more detail)
  3.  Other psychological-related support and consultation
  4.  Professional training


Professional qualifications

Our clinical psychologists are members of the Division of Clinical Psychology, the Hong Kong Psychological Society.



Service hours

Monday to Friday

09:00 am – 05:00 pm (*By appointment only)



Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays


Contact Us
  • Rooms 103-104, 1/F., Princess Alexandra Community Centre, 60 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong
  • 2492 6088
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